Church of the Heartland was birthed from a vision given to its founder Pastor Herb Hiatt in 1987.  The church began with a desire to reach Winamac with a positive message of hope and freedom. Grace Community Church as it was known then, grew in just a few short years to a thriving and active congregation in Winamac.

In 1998, the dream to establish churches came alive again when Pastor Herb felt called to start another church in Plymouth, IN. At the same time, Herb's son Heath Hiatt became senior pastor of a church in Knox, IN. One year later, Pastor Herb's associate pastor, Jim Howard, started our fourth church in Logansport, IN.  Biker Church of the Heartland started in 2008.  Church of the Heartland - Bourbon was launched as a home church in 2008 that eventually grew into a community campus in March 2014.  Our newest church is Church of the Heartland - Rochester which was launched in April 2015.


Church of the Heartland, now under the leadership of Herb's son Heath, continues to launch and develop ministries and churches in great small towns throughout the region.

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