Growth Track Class

Personal Leadership


Course Description

A 2 part class looking at how to develop into the leader God wants you to be.


Course Instructor:

Dr. Marc Royer



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Personal Leadership Class Video 1


Personal Leadership Class Video 2





Assigned Reading

(If You Desire To Get Bible College Credit For This Class)


- Read and take notes over the following Bible chapters.  Focusing especially on how they help you become a better leader in your life.


Exodus 18 - Jethro talks to Moses about delegation

John 6 - Jesus feeds 5,000, then walks on water and then many disciples leave Him

1 Kings 12 - Rehoboam listens to fools and Jeroboam creates idols

John 13 - Jesus washes His disciple's feet

1 Samuel 24 - David spares King Saul's life




Recommended Books By Drs. Royer For Your Personal Library

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Available for the Growth Track Leadership class only—An 8-Book Set of Dr. Marc & Dr. Marceil Royer’s work on leadership.  The Royer’s are authors of 32 books available on their website:  
This 8-Book Set is a “must have” for any serious student of ministry or of the Bible.  It includes their trilogy on leadership taken from the Pastoral Epistles; The Leadership Training Manual for Boards and Committees, “Overboard;” “The New Normal” helping people cope with loss; “Rejection” and “Finding Personal Significance” for those suffering from rejection in their personal or professional life.  
This 8-Book Set has a retail value of $175.00.  It is available at the student price of $85 for all 8 books postage paid.   Using PayPal:  use  Include your mailing address with the memo—COTH Leadership Set.  




Personal Leadership Online Test

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